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  We are looking forward to what is shaping up to be the Hottest News Letter of all time. As our Huge Hangover Cure E-Book reaches into all areas of society across the globe we are predicting that we are going to witness some of the biggest no holds barred stories that this planet has ever seen.

Your story may make it to this Front Page for all to view and within days you will become a global legend. You can choose weather or not to reveal your identity.

Until then, here is a start from one of the crew.


This is a story from an awesome bus pub crawl in Newy that all started to come clear the next day as the pieces fell together.


We were at one of the pubs working our way to town and I was taking a nice sip of my half full skooner. I lowered my glass and I suddenly realised that I was standing in the bar amongst a bunch of strangers. I then walked out to the from of the pub to find that the double decker bus full of all my friends had driven off to the next pub and left me standing to finish my beer.


I knew that the guys would be making their way to Fanny's as that was about the only pub worth ending up at by the end of the night. After a few K's of walking I arrived at the front door and found a few of my friends were also walking in. As I got to the front door, one of the bouncers grabbed me and said "Sorry Mate, you can't come in!" When I asked why he said that I was too drunk.


Well I can still remember all this pretty clearly so I mustn't have been that drunk. Anyway, I was determined to get in. Oh yeh! Then Jackie and Alison came along. "Hey Girls, can I come in the door with you. The Bouncer won't let me in." The girls said sure and away we went. Once again I got to the door and the Bouncer just told my nicely that I was not allowed in. Too drunk.


I was then if anything even more determined. I walked around to the side of the club and found the big side timber window. I tapped on the glass and asked some guy to open the window for me. He just looked at me as if "Yeh Right Mate!"


I went around the back, no chance, then back to the side window again. "God, what can I don. Everybody is inside partying. I want in." Then a guy came up to me who was in a pair of board shorts. He asked me why I couldn't get in and I told him my situation. He had a "BRILLIANT IDEA" "Hey! How about we swap pants and then then after I get in I will open the window for you so you can get in!"


Of course not being drunk I said "Yeh." Next thing I knew I was standing outside Fanny's in the middle of the night wearing some other guys board short. It suddnely hit me that "Shit! I've been had."


Then all of a sudden, what do you know, my new friend was at the window and opening it so that I could get in. "You Ripper!" I was like: 1. Pants back on. 2. Jump. Flip into the window. 3. Pang! Straight into the crowd. Yes! I squeezed through the crowd to the bar and grabbed some drinks including two for Jackie and Alison.


I was about three sips into my beer when the same Bouncer grabbed me around the scruff of my neck, dragged me out to the front door and through me rolling out the door and onto the foot path. "Oh well! Suppose it's time to head off then."


I headed back up to Cruisy's place up at Cook's Hill and found and lounge room full of sleeping bodies when I arrived. I found a spot and a blanket and crashed on the floor. The next morning I woke to a lounge room full of Huge Hangovers all with cheeky little smirks on their faces from a good fun night on the town.


I felt a bit like having a pee and then I suddenly noticed something. Oh OOOOh!!!  I still had the guys board shorts on under my jeans.  


Sorry Bloke.


If your out there, wack up a comment.  


Cheers, Mike king.




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