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Meet The Crew


Sydney's Huge Hangover Technicians have dedicated themselves to excruciating guinea pig testing for the betterment of all mankind. As one dedicated team they have relentlessly pursued the cure that will free all of man kind from the torturous effects of the Hangover.

Man is now free to pursue greater heights of party madness and not regret the massive loss of production and precious hours of his life lost while being balmed in madness and anguish. In other words, Hung Over!!!!

"Oh Gee.I wish I hadn't drunk Soooo... much!" can now be replaced with "Wow! Great nite last night."

Come and join the new revolution, as hundreds already are, yes we are aiming at thousands of beings freed from the dreaded hangover forever.

Mike, Don and Mark are pleased to be able to make this incredible release and we very much look forward to hearing of your own success.

I am trying to get the crew in shape for a decent photo put the past years of intense testing has taken its toll. I am confident after experiencing the miraculous effects of the Huge Hangover Cure that they all will be in shape for a great shot soon!

Look out for the first Press Release from the Huge Hangover Crew.

If you have any questions or need assistance in getting rolling with your cure or even are having trouble getting a hold of your very own Huge E-Book, then give us a burl.

Download it NOW!!! "SUBMIT" and pass it on to everyone you love and care for.














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